20|20 Gen 3

Custom table setup

Set up planter rows and understand configuration changes.

Updated June 29, 2020

Enter row location

Use the custom table setup to enter the location of every row on the planter if:

  • The planter does not conform to any of the planter setups available in the planter measurement setup screen
  • The planter row configuration changes when planting different crop types

This setup is saved by each crop type.

Select distance from center

For each row number:

  • Select the distance from center button and enter the exact location of each row from the center line of the tractor.
  • Select "Fore-Aft Location."
  • Select if the row is in front or behind, for dual frame planters.
  • The distance set in the custom table setup will be reflected in the frame layout found in the equipment menu.
Custom table setup screencap