20|20 Gen 3

Software updates

Access the latest version of 20|20 software for use on your Generation 3 display

Updated September 30, 2020

Latest standard software release

20|20 software updates can be downloaded from the links below, from the Precision Planting Cloud, or over the air if your Gen 3 is connected to a WiFi hotspot.

Download 20|20 software version 2020.0.1, released April 3rd, 2020.

Gen 3 displays that should install 2020.0.1 software

  • Any planters still planting without the following products installed;

    • FurrowForce
    • vApply Base
    • vApply Granular

Features and improvements

Updates to SmartFirmer

  • Improved temperature compensation in OM, CEC, and Moisture metrics.
  • Improved readings of dark soils
  • Misc. UI Improvements

New feature software release

Download the new feature 20|20 Software Version 2020.1.10, released October 1, 2020.

The following Gen3 displays should have 2020.1.10 software installed

  • Systems with vApply Base installed (planter-wide pump control)
  • Systems with vApply Granular installed
  • Systems with FurrowForce installed
  • Sidedress Systems
  • Harvest Systems

Past Standard software releases

Download 20|20 software version 2020.0.0, released December 12, 2019.

Features and improvements

  • All features and improvements included in 2019.3.4
  • Increased the flow rate adjustment to +/-40% for vApplyHD and FlowSense
  • Added high flow meter type for vDrive Insecticide
  • Added the ability to enter custom planter rows by planter make
  • Added support for Kuhn planter make and load cell
  • Extended time required to trigger an event #930 load pin warning
  • Updated the Smart Connector for SeederForce and high population crops
  • Updated load pin calibrations for John Deere 2100, Monosem, and Gaspardo planters. For the new calibrations to take effect on systems already set up, change the planter make and then return to the correct planter make. The new cal numbers are:

    • John Deere 2100 (model year 2014 and earlier, sensor part number 712001): 150
    • John Deere 2100 (model year 2015 and newer, sensor part number 712002): 130
    • Monosem (sensor part number 712003): 88
    • Gaspardo (sensor part number 712004): 53
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Gen 3 to stop building the map on the display
  • Fixed an issue that caused the actual load list values to not save
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Select All" button in the data tab to not be limited by the season, pass, or cloud filter

Download 20|20 software version 2019.1.4, released April 11, 2019.

  • Needed for previous SeederForce systems.