Software Updates

Download the latest version of 20|20 software for use on Generation 3 displays

20|20 software updates can be downloaded from the link below, from the Precision Planting Cloud, or over the air if your Gen 3 is connected to a WiFi hotspot.

Latest Release

  • Download 20|20 software version 2019.3.4, released November 7th, 2019

    Features and improvements:

    • Improves FieldView communication to help prevent inflated acres.
    • Updates GPS filtering
    • Resolves an issue where 20|20 field map data could not be deleted

Other Releases

  • Download 20|20 software version 2019.3.3, released October 15th, 2019

    Features and improvements:

    • Improves FieldView connectivity issues
    • Fixes an issue where loads true-up values were not being transferred to FieldView properly
    • Adds Ukrainian language option
    • Adds ability to swath by tapping the dashboard swath buttons instead of long pressing them
    • Fixes an issue where planter down force load cells could not be manually disabled in languages other than English
  • Download 20|20 software version 2019.3.2, released September 25, 2019

    This update includes two fixes:

    • Improves YSM Radio Interference Filtering. All Gen 3 systems using YieldSense should update to this version to avoid commercial band (CB and FM) radio interference
    • Improves FieldView file handling. All Gen 3 systems using FieldView should update to this version to reduce instances of inflated acres in FieldView
  • Download 20|20 software version 2019.3.1, released August 29, 2019

    Features and improvements:

    • Fixed an issue with the CAN messages on Case IH x250 and Lexion 500-series combines
    • Fixed a GPS measurement setup issue with the Center (B) measurement on combines.
    • Improvements to Portuguese language
    • Improvements to Argentina Spanish language
    • General improvements to planting
    • Added support for new air seeder models: John Deere 60' 1895 and John Deere N5xxC series
  • Download 20|20 software version 2019.2.1, released May 15, 2019

    All displays currently running 2019.2.0 and wanting to connect to 20|20 Cloud should update. This update includes:

    • Improved performance stability when disconnecting from the 20|20 Cloud
    • Added perspective view to the grid map
    • Fixed an issue when in certain languages entering rates did not properly work
    • Improved overall performance stability
    • Fixed communication issues with the FVM that caused the FVM LED to stay blue and would not connect to the DBM.

Generation 1 or 2 Displays

Software updates for 20/20 SeedSense Displays is available via the Precision Planting Support Portal.