Data drives decisions.

Get real-time data from your field with the 20|20 system from Precision Planting.

The 20|20 device

The highest-fidelity data in the industry

See your field, in real time

With 20|20, you don’t see historical data or generic information from a satellite. You see data from your field, in real time. Let the 20|20 system lead you to better decisions as it monitors, controls, and diagnoses your field conditions and equipment performance in realtime.

iPhone showing 20|20 Diagnose Page

Stay connected even when you leave the cab

20|20 Connect lets you link your mobile device to your in-cab 20|20 display. Download it from the App Store today and enjoy the power of diagnostics and health checks on the go.

farmer doing in-field diagnostics

Don't lose
a moment

Perform health checks and input GPS measurements directly from the back of your implement using 20|20 Connect.

iPhone with 20|20 Connect on it

Customize your view in HD

20|20 fits the way you farm

Take control of the data you collect, and customize how you view it. See the information that is most important to you, and understand what’s going on during every pass through the field.

Store records today so you can make better decisions tomorrow

Backup your 20|20 to 20|20 Cloud and save for the future. Having all of your farm-recorded data in one place helps make your operation more efficient.


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