Consuming 20|20 data

If you are looking to write software that consumes 20|20 data (files with a .2020 extension), you're in the right place.

How does the 20|20 store data?

As the 20|20 senses and controls throughout a field, data is being recorded to a file. All data files generated by a 20|20 have a .2020 file extension. The format of this .2020 file is proprietary to Precision Planting and the 20|20 system.

How do I read 20|20 data in my software?

Precision Planting provides a library that enables other software to read .2020 files. This library is compliant with the AgGateway ADAPT plugin standard. Detailed instructions for using the 20|20 ADAPT plugin are available on on the 20|20 ADAPT usage page.

Where do I download the latest 20|20 ADAPT plugin?

Available versions of the 20|20 ADAPT plugin are listed on the 20|20 ADAPT download page.

Is there a cost for using the 20|20 ADAPT plugin?

The 20|20 ADAPT plugin is available at no cost, however those using the plugin must comply with the 20|20 ADAPT Plugin License Agreement.

What data is provided through the 20|20 ADAPT plugin?

Data provided through the plugin varies on a per-version basis. As new supported products and capabilities are added through 20|20 software updates, data channels are added or modified in corresponding 20|20 ADAPT plugin versions.

To view the latest list of supported features, visit the 20|20 ADAPT download page.