Software Updates

Access the latest version of 20|20 Software for use on your Generation 3 display

Latest Production Software Release

20|20 software updates can be downloaded from the links below, from the Precision Planting Cloud, or over the air if your Gen 3 is connected to a WiFi hotspot. To learn more about how to install software click here.

Download 20|20 production software version 2021.0.1

Download 20|20 production boot software version 2021.0.1

Released March 2nd, 2021.

When updating from 2020.0.x and older software to 2021.x software, 20|20 will require some reconfiguration. All vApplyHD, vApply Base, FlowSense, and vDrive Insecticide settings and calibrations (including Pump Cal) will not cross over when updating to this version from 2020.0.x or earlier software.


  • Updated Portuguese, French, German, Ukrainian, and Russian Translations.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause Safety Mode to not be dismissed by toggling the master plant switch.
  • Fixed an issue when entering a negative offset value for vDrive Insecticide

Latest Limited Software Release 2021.1.7

Click here to learn more about Limited Release Software

The following 20|20 features require at least 2021.1.0 Software

  • Row Cleaner Module
  • SmartDepth
  • EM FlowSense
  • Liquid Tank Mix
  • Prescription Editor

Previous Production Releases


Download 20|20 production software version 2021.0.0

Download 20|20 production boot software version 2021.0.0

Released December 17, 2020.


  • Added a temperature warning
  • Added saved vehicle and implements to the Account Configuration Export
  • Added additional language support for the EULA
  • Enhanced the Liquid and Granular Manual Health checks to now show tabs at the top of the running health check
  • Created a tab for mSet when running the manual health check
  • Added support for vDrive Insecticide with a Smart Connector system
  • Improved USB data export with additional support for larger storage capacity USB drives.


  • Addressed various issues with JD 9X10 and JD X500 and using the YSM Test harness
  • Fixed an issue with a Combine Head Offset measurement image.
  • Fixed an issue with crop calibration for various crop types.
  • Addressed an issue with the Flow Coefficient value on Combines.
  • Updated the default settings for the vApply Rate Control Module on liquid and granular systems.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause mSet to fail calibration on startup
  • Resolved an issue that wouldn’t allow a field to be moved to a different Client or Farm in Field Setup.
  • Updates to the FVM, fixed an issue that could cause an incorrect configuration to be sent.

Air Seeder Release

Download 20|20 software version 2019.1.4, Released April 11, 2019.

  • Needed for previous SeederForce systems.