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The limited software release gives you our most cutting-edge features. If you'd prefer a stabler set of updates, check out the latest Production Release instead.

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Flow Source selection popup in 20|20, software version 2022.1.0

Apply blockage-prone liquids with confidence

The 20|20 now lets you pair vApplyHD with an external flow source so that you can use a wider range of liquids without worrying that they’ll clog your control system. Look for the Flow Source option when configuring the row assignments for each vApplyHD module.

Add Hardware popup with Liquid Pressure Module

Get alerted when your liquid system pressure falls

Keeping an eye on the pressure in your liquid system can help you track the health of your system and recognize when a filter needs to be changed or a pump examined. Now you can add a Liquid Pressure Module to your implement so that your 20|20 can alert you if the system’s pressure falls.

Date/Time page under Display Settings, showing new Season Start Month option

Customize the season start date

The 20|20 organizes records by season, but not everyone’s season starts at the same time. If you farm in the southern hemisphere, you can now change the Season Start Month for your system in the software’s Date/Time settings.

Map layer filtering example screen

Filter out map layers

When switching layers on your home screen maps, you can now use a tab system to view only the layers that suit your type of implement. This helps keep you focused on what matters to you in the moment.

Other Features

  • Select EMHD External as an option for vApplyHD Flow Source (since 2022.1.3)
  • Customize pressure source and max pump speed for vApply Rate Control modules (since 2022.1.0)
  • Add Down Force systems to Horsch Planters (since 2022.1.0)
  • Choose from distinctive new sounds to use for alerts, alarms, and clicks (since 2022.1.0)


  • Added new sounds for alerts and alarms (since 2022.1.3)
  • Restored 'She's Gonna Blow Captain' sound for alert and failure (since 2022.1.2)
  • Increased allowed SmartDepth duty cycle range to 100% (since 2022.1.1)
  • Receive alert with associated event code if EM FlowSense module fails (since 2022.1.1)
  • Gain access to expanded databases that include the latest hybrid and tank mix products (since 2022.1.1)
  • Find an improved safety warning when enabling control products (since 2022.1.0)
  • SmartFirmer support for serial numbers above 1040500 (mini SmartFirmer and CaseIH) and above 40250 (Standard, Low Stick, and SmartFirmer 2) (since 2022.1.0)
  • Updated Portuguese & German translations (since 2022.1.0)
  • Switched satellite imagery provider from Digital Globe to Mapbox, allowing for road names to be displayed (since 2022.1.0)


  • Resolved an issue in Limited software that could falsely trigger EM FlowSense event code 1939, which reports that sensors must be replaced (since 2022.1.4)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the FieldView Module to not assign a serial number in some cases (since 2022.1.3)
  • Updated the map's background color to fall back to green when Satellite Image connectivity is lost to improve boundary visibility (since 2022.1.3)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented "High Current" and "Position Not Achieved" event codes from being displayed for SmartDepth (since 2022.1.3)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the righthand legend in a split map to reset unexpectedly to duplicate the lefthand legend (since 2022.1.3)
  • Fixed an issue that let users accidentally setting duty cycle for liquid and granular manual test above 100% (since 2022.1.3)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented boundary files from being viewed on combines (since 2022.1.3)
  • Fixed issue from 2022.1.1 that would cause the Row Cleaner Module to not apply down pressure (since 2022.1.2)
  • Fixed issue from 2022.1.1 that would cause the Liquid Pressure Module to not report pressure (since 2022.1.2)
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent further modification of an offset measurement if the user has completely deleted it with the backspace button and hit Enter on an empty value (since 2022.1.2)
  • Fixed an issue where the FVM was not sending Margin and Ground Contact values so that they could be displayed in the FieldView metrics pane (since 2022.1.2)
  • Fixed issue that could cause Rate Control Module not to limit speed to Max Pump Speed setting (since 2022.1.1)
  • Improved HD control stability (since 2022.1.1)
  • Fixed issue from 2022.1.0 that could cause the PDM not to report forward acceleration (since 2022.1.1)
  • Fixed an issue where stopping and resuming harvesting could cause FieldView to lose mapping data (since 2022.1.0)
  • Fixed an issue where conflicting GPS and radar speeds would not trigger a notification (since 2022.1.0)
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