Field Summary Pages

Use the Fields Summary pages to get a birds-eye view of how much you've done so far.

Updated January 28, 2022

Field Summary is a group of pages that offer a high-level view of the work you've done on your currently active field. These pages show cumulative data about seeds sown or bushels harvested, as well as finer-grained averages for each row of your implement.

What you see on these pages will vary by the kind of equipment you're working on and the systems you have configured. But everyone will see a Counter Details page as well as a number of other options in the sidebar, usually named after the system or product that they represent.

Table of Contents

Find the Field Summary Pages

If you'd like to get to the Field Summary page, go to the Fields setup page (Setup → Fields), then tap on Field Summary in the sidebar.

For easy access to these pages, you can add a widget to one or more of your home screen layouts. You can find a Field Summary control widget that links to these pages in small and wide sizes. And there are number of metrics widgets that will link as well (look for acres as a keyword when browsing the widgets).

Take Advantage of the Counter Details Page

The homepage for Field Summary is the Counter Details page. On this page, you’ll see two basic sections:

  • at the top, a summary of your time in the currently active field
  • at the bottom, two separate counters

Understand the Field Summary Data

The summary information at the top covers things like your average speed, how long you’ve been planting, how many acres you’ve covered, and how many seeds you’ve planted in total. It’s important to note that this information only counts time spent actually planting. When your implement is swathed off, the data remains unchanged. This helps exclude irrelevant information, like your speed when making a turn at the end of a pass.

Read and Reset the Counters

The 20|20 provides you with two resettable counters, which work a bit like odometers in a car. You can reset them whenever you like and so track your work at multiple scales: the season, the day, the field — whatever works best for you.

Each counter works quite simply. It tallies up the totals for your work, like the number of acres covered or the amount of liquid product applied.

These two counters will never be reset automatically. Even if you switch fields or hit the Delete Coverage button on a Field Setup page, these counters will go on counting until you choose to reset them manually

There are counters widgets available in multiple sizes to add to your home screen layout. These can show either or both of the counters, as well as the cumulative totals, depending on which widget you choose.

Check the Individual Systems Summary Pages

Many systems and features come with their own summary details pages, giving you a finer-grained and more specialized overview. Seeding systems, for example, add both Hybrid Summary and Seeding Summary pages, and liquid tank mixes add their own summary pages as well.

These pages may not appear until after you have begun applying, so don’t worry if you don’t see them before heading out into the field.

Some systems show summary data on a row-by-row basis, in table format. When that’s the case, you can sort the table according to any of the metrics it contains. To sort by a particular column, tap on the metric name at the top of that column. Tap again to reverse the sort order.