Setup Button

Access the main navigation screen for setup, diagnostic, and data pages.

Updated June 29, 2020

Setup button categories

Press the setup button on the home screen to access the main navigation screen for equipment and control systems’ setup, diagnostic, and data pages.

This page is divided into information about the system including:

  • Diagnostics
  • Information about products being applied
  • The main navigation pane

The implement portion of the main setup page displays:

  • Basic implement setup
  • Diagnostics
  • Product assignments
  • Active field name
  • Total acres planted
setup button key image
setup button key image

Reference each letter in the image above for setup use:

  • A: Displays the active field name and total acres planted for the field in the current season. Press the field name to select a different field name.
  • B: Displays row diagnostic information in colors from the diagnose page. Quickly see if all rows are green or if there is an issue.
  • C: Displays row by row hybrid information. A color is assigned to each row indicating hybrid name assigned. Colors correspond to the hybrids listed underneath the row information. Up to four different hybrids can be assigned at a time.
  • D: Displays row by row insecticide information, including a color assigned to each row for the type of insecticide product assigned. Up to four different insecticides can be assigned at one time.
  • E: Displays row by row liquid information. A color is assigned to each row indicating the type of liquid product assigned. Colors correspond to product names listed in the liquid column.
  • F: Displays implement setup information. This includes the width, number of rows, implement make, frame type, active rows, and effective row spacing that have been set up for the implement.

Insecticide and liquid information will only be displayed here if an Insecticide and/or liquid control system has been configured on the display.

Find the navigation pane on the right side of the setup screen. This accesses all other menus in the system.

Back button

When navigating through different screens, there will always be a back button that will navigate the user to the previously-viewed page.

back button screencap
back button screencap

Home button

The home button navigates the user to the main home screen.

home button screencap
home button screencap

Find an overview of the main navigation pane.

main navigation menu overview
main navigation menu overview


Change the active field name, assign a prescription or boundary to a field, and create or edit client, farm, and field names.


Assign seeding, insecticide, and liquid products being applied.


Configure the implement profile, implement measurements, and tractor measurements.


Set up and configure all products installed on the implement as well as the monitor.


Edit the active crop and adjust settings saved for each crop type, including alerts and alarms.

Set points

Enter preset rates for controlling vDrive seeding rates and vDrive Insecticide application rates.


Troubleshoot issues related to the operation of the display and products being controlled and monitored on the implement.


Export, import, and delete data into the monitor and update software.

If a button on the navigation pane shows a warning icon, the system has recognized an issue with the setup to address.

warning icon example
warning icon example

A breadcrumb trail at the top left-hand side of the screen shows the navigation path. Select any part of the breadcrumb to navigate directly to that screen.

breadcrumb trail example
breadcrumb trail example