Down Force Metrics

Display margin, ground contact, and weigh pin readings.

Updated June 22, 2020

Monitor displays

In the down force metrics box, the monitor will display:

  • Margin
  • Ground contact
  • Lowest weigh pin readings
  • Highest weigh pin readings
down force metric screen
down force metric screen


The lowest-measured load cell reading in a given period of time on each row, which varies with the down force system installed. The margin value displayed on the home screen down force button is an average of this value across all load-cell-equipped rows on the planter.

Ground contact

The percentage of time the system can confirm that the gauge wheels have met the depth stop. This generally indicates that the row unit is planting at the intended depth. This is calculated by the percentage of time that the load cell is measuring 20 lbs or more.

Low and high row

The average weigh pin readings for the lowest and highest rows. Select the down force metric to view row by row load cell information.

low and high row screen
low and high row screen

Displays the margin, ground contact, and net applied force for each row with a load cell. The planter average net applied force, applied lift force, margin, and ground contact are displayed at the bottom of the page.

Net applied force is the commanded amount of force being applied to the row units.

Down force summary

Displays row by row information for average down force value (as determined by the load cell), margin, ground contact, and ride quality. These values are averages for the entire field or the last pass through the field for each individual row.

Access averages and summaries

Planter-wide averages are available at the bottom of the screen. To access the down force summary, select one of the acre counters from the home screen. Then press "down force summary" on the navigation pane.

down force summary screen
down force summary screen


Find down force metrics through maps.

Down force map

The down force map plots load cell readings on a row by row basis. Each box on the map represents one-fifth of a second and will display the lowest load cell reading in that time period. A blue dot on the down force map signifies a loss of ground contact. Refer to the section of the manual on how to set DeltaForce for how to use this map. Touch the legend to edit the range and number of steps used to map down force.

down force map screen
down force map screen

Applied force map

The applied force map is mapping what the cylinder is being commanded to do on a row by row basis. As more or less force is needed to achieve the desired target, DeltaForce will automatically adjust the force applied to meet the target. This map will show applied force in pounds.

applied map screen
applied map screen

This map can help with diagnosing potential issues.

Example: If a row unit is constantly applying the maximum amount of applied force to achieve ground contact and surrounding rows are not, there may be a mechanical problem causing the row unit's ground engagement issues.

For help troubleshooting DeltaForce and down force issues, consult the DeltaForce diagnostic trees in the Dealer Service Manual.

Adjust map legend

Like the down force map, the applied force map legend can be adjusted by touching it and making desired adjustments.

  • The maximum applied force is 650 lbs.
  • The maximum lift is -450 lbs.