DeltaForce Diagnostic Information

Discover color legend, readings, and more to diagnose DeltaForce issues.

Updated June 15, 2020

Diagnose issues

Before planting, ensure all planter diagnostic information is green: running properly. Select setup and then diagnose.

Color legend

Diagnose issues based on the color of display. Select color legend to view an explanation of what each color indicates.

Color Meaning
Green The system is working correctly. Communications are good.
Yellow A device or sub-component is not running at full capacity.
Red A device has failed or is expected, but not detected.
White The device is detected, but not expected.
Black The row has been disabled in the planter configuration.
Gray The device is being detected, updating firmware, or is unreachable.
diagnose color legend
diagnose color legend

Modules may be updating during initial connection. Once updates are complete, all modules should be green. If the modules are not green, confirm the number of rows and planter setup is correct. Still experiencing issues? Refer to the Dealer Service Manual.

Diagnose screen

A green DeltaForce means the system is configured and communication is established. Not green? Press it to view DeltaForce level two row-by-row diagnostics.

diagnose screen DeltaForce
diagnose screen DeltaForce
Reading Meaning
Load cell (lbs) Displays the current weight being measured on each individual row by the load cell.
Solenoid volts The voltage being sent to the solenoid controlling the valve for the DeltaForce cylinder.
Commanded pressure The pressure that the DeltaForce system is commanding each row to apply.
Commanded force (lbs) The amount of weight in pounds which the DeltaForce system is commanding each row to apply. Negative values represent lift while positive values represent applied force.
Net applied down force (lbs) The amount of weight that the DeltaForce system is adding or subtracting to the weight of the row unit.

Additional readings

  • Switch reader: At the bottom of the DeltaForce diagnostic page, there is an indicator for the state of the lift switch, master plant switch, and the control mode.
  • Supply pressure: The supply pressure value is the current pressure reading on the lift valve of the lift manifold. Pressure must be greater than 2250 for optimal DeltaForce performance.
  • GPS and radar speed readings: Find both displayed at the bottom of the screen.