DeltaForce Health Checks

Run tests and find system imbalances.

Updated June 15, 2020

Health check timeline

Always perform a health check on the DeltaForce system:

  • After installation
  • At the start of every season

Perform any health checks in yellow before planting.

Access the DeltaForce health check by selecting setup, then diagnose, and then health checks.

DeltaForce health check screen 1
DeltaForce health check screen 1

Visual tests

Visual tests include:

  • Air purge test
  • Applied force test
  • Advanced applied test

You must determine if the system passed or failed the health check, visually.

Report card test

The voltage current test will give you a report card to determine if each row passed the health check.

  • A failed test will display failed areas in yellow with the row number on the results screen.
DeltaForce health check screen 2
DeltaForce health check screen 2

Tests and functions

Follow on-screen instructions when performing tests.

Voltage current

Power will be cycled to each of the DeltaForce solenoids to assess the stability of the system. It will test for:

  • Electrical shorts
  • High currents

Row units will not move during this test. At the completion of a test, a pass/fail will be given to each row.

Air purge test

Cycle pressure to each DeltaForce cylinder to purge air from the system. Run this test after:

  • Doing an installation
  • Opening up any lines in the hydraulic system

The bottom pin used to pin the DeltaForce cylinder to the bottom bracket must be unpinned.

When the test is complete, the cylinders should be retracted. You may need to run the air purge test multiple times to fully purge air from the hydraulic system. Visually inspect each row before reinstalling the bottom pin.

Applied force test

This tests the health of the DeltaForce hydraulic and mechanical system. Ensure everyone is clear of the planter before performing this health check. Once the test is started, all row units should rise. Next, each row unit should be lower, individually, in order.

This is a visual test. This means pass or fail must be determined by the operator. If all row units do not rise and then lower at one time, see the DeltaForce diagnostic trees in the Dealer Service Manual.

If the system passes the applied force test, you don't need to run the advanced applied force test.

Advanced applied force test

Run this test if the planter cannot pass or has issues with an applied force test and further diagnostics are needed. See the applied force test for steps to apply the test.

No seed logging

This allows the system to map the down force and applied down force on the 20|20 without seed data.