Notification Center and Event Log

Discover how to view notifications of issues and learn to navigate the event log, including Single Row Module (SRM)-only events.

Updated June 29, 2020

Notification center codes

Find the notification center button on the home screen. A number will indicate the number of event codes since last reset.

Display and review

Screen showing notification center
Screen showing notification center
  • Press the notification center button to display all event codes.
  • Select an individual event code to view additional details and recommendations.

Dismiss notifications

Press Dismiss All Notifications to clear out all event codes from the notification center.

All events will be stored permanently in the event log, even when notifications are dismissed.

Event log

The event log button displays a list of all notifications from the entire system, permanently. The newest event will always display at the top.

Screen showing event log
Screen showing event log

SRM-only events

View event codes from only SRMs in two simple steps.

  1. Select SRM on the navigation pane.
  2. Select individual event codes to view additional details and recommendations.