Lift Switch

Explore lift switch calibration and verification.

Updated June 29, 2020

Lift switch menu overview

All control products must have a lift switch installed and reading lowered to function. The lift switch menu allows for lift switch calibration.

Run calibration

To complete calibration, press "Run Calibration" at the bottom of the screen. Follow on-screen instructions for different planter positions. Results will be displayed on the main lift switch page.

Lift switch issues

For issues with the lift switch not calibrating or functioning correctly, see the "Troubleshooting Guides for Lift Switches" in the Dealer Service Manual.

Verify lift switch calibration

After a calibration has been completed, verify the system is reading the lift switch correctly by watching the current state information on the lift switch page. Ensure the current state is correct when lowering and lifting the planter.

Manual values entry

Select "Lowered Percent," "Lifted Percent," or "Planting Percent" and enter a value for manual values entry.

Clear calibration

Press the “Clear Calibration” button located at the bottom of the screen to clear the current calibration.

lift switch menu screencap
lift switch menu screencap