20|20 Monitor Overview

Find all the elements you need to best use your 20|20 monitor. Learn monitor uses, software and hardware overviews and updates, and more.

Updated March 5, 2021

20|20 software on a monitor and tablet
20|20 software on a monitor and tablet

Uses for your 20|20 monitor

Monitor, control, and diagnose with the 20|20 monitor in all of Precision Planting’s Single Row Module (SRM)-based control products.


  • Seed application
  • Liquid application
  • Basic planter stats
  • Basic combine stats


  • Seeding
  • Downforce
  • Insecticide
  • Liquid


  • In-field sensing

Monitor, control, and diagnose for:

  • vDrive
  • DeltaForce
  • SpeedTube
  • SmartFirmer
  • vDrive Insecticide
  • vApplyHD
  • FlowSense
  • vSet Select
  • mSet
  • SeederForce
  • Smart Connector
  • YieldSense

Software updates

Download and install free software updates on a regular basis for best use.

Install updates with a USB drive.

20|20 on a monitor
20|20 on a monitor

20|20 monitor hardware overview

Mount screens anywhere in the cab.

Screens include 10” and 16” sizes. Use one or a pair, together.

iPads run the Climate Corporation FieldView Cab app; the iPad can be used with additional screens.

20|20 on a monitor
20|20 on a monitor

Display base module overview

You need a Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) ethernet cable to connect to a display. Plug into the Power Over Ethernet (POE) port.

Using one display

Use either port to plug in.

Using two displays or FieldView module?

Plug both cables into a port.

Indicator light decoder

Your indicator light sends a message based on color, behavior, and location. View each indicator light’s meaning.

Color Display base module Display FieldView Module
Green Good connectivity Good connectivity Good connectivity
White Initializing N/A Downloading software
Blinking white Firmware update processing N/A N/A
Yellow No connection between display and Display Base Module (DBM) Initializing Initializing
Blinking Yellow Software update processing Software update processing Software update processing
Blue Missing Cab Control Module (CCM) connectivity N/A Nothing connected
Purple Need to power cycle system N/A FieldView not connected
Red N/A Powering on Powering up
Blinking red Failure - call Precision Support (309) 925-5050 N/A N/A