vDrive Diagnostic Information

Ensure planter diagnostic information is good and find status updates.

Updated June 22, 2020

vDrive Diagnose Screen

Before planting, ensure all planter diagnostic information is ok:

  • Select setup, and then diagnose.
  • Everything should be green on the diagnose page.
  • Select color legend to view an explanation of what each color indicates.
vDrive control screen
vDrive control screen

Modules may be updating during initial connection. Once updates are complete, all modules should be green. If the modules are not green, confirm that the number of rows and planter setup is correct. Still experiencing issues? Refer to the Dealer Service Manual.

Color legend

Color Meaning
Green The system is working correctly and communications are good.
Yellow A device or subcomponent is not running at 100 percent.
Red A device has failed, or is expected, but not detected.
White A device is detected, but is not expected.
Black A row has been disabled in the planter configuration.
Gray A device is being detected, updating firmware, or unreachable.

vDrive Level 2 Diagnose Page

Select the seeding system on the diagnose page. Then, select the vDrive button to verify all information looks good on the vDrive level 2 diagnose page.

vDrive level 2 diagnose page
vDrive level 2 diagnose page

Population actual

This is the measured population the meter is actually planting, reported by the seed tube sensors. Rows that say not apply indicates these rows are not planting.

Population command

This is the target population that you want to plant.

RPM actual

This is the actual RPM of the vSet meter.

RPM command

This is the RPM of the meter needed to reach the target population.


This measures the variance of the drag on the motor. The higher the stability percentage, the smoother the vDrive motor will be turning.

Supply volts

This is the amount of volts being sent to the vDrive motor. The average range of supply volts is between 12 and 15 volts.

Drive amps

This displays the amperage the vDrive is pulling while in operation. Standard operating range of current draw at 5 mph:

  • Corn: between .4 and .6 amps
  • Beans: between .7 and .9 amps

Duty cycle

This indicates the percent of time that power is commanded on where the on/off cycles are occurring at 35 kHz.

Bottom of the page information

At the bottom of the page, you can find:

  • Lift state information (raised or lowered)
  • Radar and GPS speed
  • Forward acceleration
  • Master plant switch (on or off)
  • Turn rate measured by the Power Distribution Module (PDM)

vDrive light status

The vDrive motors themselves give diagnostic information by using the red LED light.

vDrive light pattern Meaning
No light Device is not being powered.
Solid light Device is being updated.
Fast blink at 5 Hz Device is powered, but lost communication.
Steady blink at 1 Hz Device is powered and is communicating.
Erratic blink Device is powered, but never communicated.