Cab Control Module

Learn more about the cab control module switches and abilities.

Updated June 29, 2020

Cab Control Module (CCM) display utilization

The CCM is installed below the display. If two displays are being utilized, only one CCM should be installed, on any display. All planter control products run through the 20|20 need a CCM to be installed as it has a master plant switch and swath control features.

CCM screencap
CCM screencap

Master plant switch

The switch on the left-hand side is the master plant switch. Ensure the master plant switch is in the up position. If it is in the down position, all control products will immediately be disabled.

Swath section switches

The three switches in the middle are swath section switches. Toggle these to the down position to swath off a rate section. If all rows are assigned to the same rate section, the planter will be divided into the three parts. Each toggle switch control swath for one-third of the planter. It these switches are in the down position, the rows assigned to the switch will be shut off. Assign rows to rate sections in the vDrive/vSet Select setup screens.

Auto load meters

The outside two switches in the middle are also used to auto-load the meters. Raise these two switches up together for one second to load the meters. Meters will spin and dispense seed as seed is loaded to the disk. This allows seed to immediately be dispensed from the meter when beginning to plant.

To continue to spin the meters:

  • Lift and hold these two switches.
  • Meters will continue to spin as long as they are held up.

Master swath switch

The switch on the right side is the master swath switch. If this switch is in the down position, all swath rules will be immediately ignored and the system will always plant.