FieldView Module

Learn how to diagnose and view FieldView module settings.

Updated June 29, 2020

FieldView module (FVM) information

On the diagnose page, select "FVM" to view and configure FVM settings.

FieldView module screencap
FieldView module screencap

Shared swath

Enable shared swath on all 20|20s in the field. Then, toggle between enabled and disabled.

Configuration changes

Configuration changes can be accepted from the FieldView platform. Enable or disable this setting, including all setting changes, like client, farm, field, and prescriptions. Choose the appropriate setting the first time a FVM is plugged in, when prompted.

Unpair FieldView account

This displays the firmware version installed on the FVM.

Delete FVM SD card data

This deletes all field map data on the FVM.

Rebuild FVM fields

Rebuild specific field on the FVM. Any field you rebuild will automatically have the field map data deleted and rebuilt on the FVM.

Converted to FVDAT

This displays the percentage of fields that have been converted from .2020 files to .DAT files.

FieldView connected

This indicates if the system is communicating with the FieldView cab app.

Display base module (DBM) Connected

This indicates if the DBM is communicating with the FVM.

FieldView username

This displays the username the 20|20 is linked with. This username is saved when an operator selects "Yes" to the ownership prompt.