vDrive Setup

Find important steps to set up vDrive for 2020.1.x and newer software.

Updated March 29, 2021

Configure vDrive System

Navigate to setup, then systems, and then vDrive to configure your vDrive system.

vDrive setup configuration
vDrive setup configuration

Select Control Rows

Select add hardware to add vDrive control rows to the planter. Select what rows have vDrive installed.

vDrive add hardware
vDrive add hardware
vDrive add hardware 1
vDrive add hardware 1

vDrive Active Rows

vDrive rows can be disabled if they are not currently in use, but still installed on the planter.

Swath control

The swath control configuration allows you to adjust the control of the vDrive system for swath control. This includes:

  • Calibration state
  • Coverage pattern

For a complete guide on adjusting the vDrive system for swath control, refer to vDrive swath calibration.

Calibration state

The calibration state adjusts the start and stop swathing delay of the vDrive motor. Only adjust these values based on actual in-ground seeding and after validating GPS offsets.

Coverage pattern

The coverage pattern allows you to configure how the swath system will react to coverage. This can include additional offset at the headlands.

Advanced Configuration

Find advanced options for vDrive set up and configuration.

vDrive Swath Output Mode

This mode can be used with a vDrive swath output harness. The output harness can be used to control other swath devices or indicator lights. Available modes include:

  • Always on
  • On while planting
  • Off while planting
  • Always off

Quick Start Delay

The quick start delay can be changed to adjust the start delay when using the quick start button on the home screen.

WaveVision Updates

This setting will disable or enable firmware updates to the WaveVision seed tube sensor.

Primary Speed Source

The primary speed source defines what speed source the vDrive control system will use by default until it is flagged as unstable.

Lift Switch

See the article on lift switch calibration and verification


Receiving a speed reading from a tractor-mounted radar is recommended while running a control product, like vDrive. The radar status page allows the operator calibrate the radar. See the article on radar calibration

Power distribution module (PDM)

See the article on PDM configuration steps and tips