Load Cells

Navigate and control load cell information.

Updated June 29, 2020

Find load cell information and control for zeroing and disabling load cells:

  1. Go to "Setup"
  2. Go to "Diagnose"
  3. Go to "Load Cells"
  4. From here, choose to zero load cell values by pressing "Zero All" at the bottom of the page, if appropriate.

Ensure the planter is raised when zeroing load cells.

Load cells page screencap
Load cells page screencap

Reading (lbs)

This displays the current weight measured on each individual row.

Sensor source

This identifies the module type the load cell is plugged into.


This displays the status of each load cell. Select a row in the status column to disable, or ignore, the load cell on that row. Make it active again by selecting that row in the status column.

If a load cell is ignored, that row will control DeltaForce to the 80th percentile of all other properly-operating rows.

Reference value

This is a value used to give a load cell a true zero. A healthy reference value is between 28 and 36. Reference values vary across the planter; however, all should be within the healthy range.

If the system suspects an issue with a load sensor, it will automatically ignore that load sensor.

Calibration factor

The calibration factor auto-populates based on the planter make and model selected, as well as the down force sensor type.

Calibration factors for each load cell type

Load cell Row units Calibration factor
1/2" Load pin John Deere 7000 and Kinze 2000 row units 85
5/8" Load pin John Deere XP row units and newer 85
Kinze link Kinze 3000 and 4900 row units 65
White smart link White 6000 and 8000 row units 65
White smart pin White 9000/Precision Ready Row units 143
Case 1200 sensor Case IH 1200 row units 65
Case 2100 sensor Case IH 2100 row units 196
Monosem 5/8” pin Monosem NG+ 3 and 4 95