System Setup and Operation

Find requirements for system functioning and warning issues for setup.

Updated June 29, 2020

Requirements for DeltaForce system functioning

  1. Speed source
  2. Master plant switch on the cab control module in the up position
  3. Lowered planter
  4. DeltaForce enabled

Hydraulic pressure requirements

  • The hydraulic system supply pressure greater than 2250 psi
  • A return pressure less than 100 psi
  • Lift pressure between 200 psi and supply pressure amount

Safety warning

After configuring any control product on the 20|20 display, the system requires a cab control module (CCM) and will prompt to toggle the master plant switch before use.

This safety warning will only appear in 2020.1.x and newer software.


Bypass warning

If a CCM is not installed, the cancel button can be used to bypass this warning. No control systems will operate until the master plant switch is toggled. This icon will be present in the status button in the top right if the safety warning was bypassed using the cancel button.