Control the Map

Find all you need to know to control your 20|20 maps. Adjust default settings to your preference.

Updated June 29, 2020

Split view

Split button
Split button

Press split in the top right-hand corner of the map screen to view two maps at once. In split mode, any adjustments you make to one map applies to the other map. Example: In split view, zoom in on one map and the other will zoom in, too.

Full view

Full view button
Full view button

In split view? Press full on either map type to view only that map.


Compass button
Compass button

Press the compass button to change the map’s orientation to one of two modes. Reset by pressing again.

Orientation modes

North-facing (default)

The top of this map points north. The tractor icon will move around the screen in different directions.


The implement icon always points towards the top of the screen. In this mode, the map itself moves around the implement. Notice the red compass moves to show north.


Expand button
Expand button

Expand to a view where the entire field is displayed.


Center button
Center button

Press the Center button to center the tractor icon on-screen. This also resets zoom level.

Perspective view

Perspective view button
Perspective view button

Toggle the map view angle from 0, 65, and 75 degrees.

The perspective view button can only be used once wi-fi and background imagery have been enabled.

Adjust zoom

Buttons to zoom in and out
Buttons to zoom in and out

Adjust zoom in one of two ways:

  • Use the zoom in (+) and out (-) buttons to adjust zoom level.
  • Pinch in or out with two fingers on-screen.

Toggling map legends on and off

Button to toggle legends on
Button to toggle legends on
Button to toggle legends off
Button to toggle legends off

Toggle legends for each map, on and off.

  • Press the “on” button in the lower left-hand corner of the map screen to toggle on.
  • Press the “off” button to toggle off.

Editing map legends

Hold a finger on the legend, sliding up and down to adjust high and low ends.

Tap on the legend to adjust:

  • High and low values
  • Number of steps
  • Auto adjust feature

If a small map has been added to the home screen, these buttons are not available.

About maps

All maps are mapped at 5Hz: there are five data points mapped for each second of time. This does not include SRI maps, which are mapped at 2Hz.

  • Maps are mapped on a row by row basis.
  • A dark line on either side of the planter clearly marks different planter passes.
  • If the planter appears to be mapping incorrectly, check the planter setup.
  • Inactive rows or non-information-collecting rows will not show on the map.
  • Map types can be changed at any time by selecting a different type.
  • Some map types need specific Precision Planting products installed to create a map. Example: Delta Force must be installed to map downforce control.
  • If the map has moved away from the tractor location, a white arrow will appear on the edge of the map, pointing toward the tractor’s location.